Federal Communications Commission

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai Before the Free State Foundation's Tenth Anniversary Gala Luncheon

On issue after issue at the Federal Communications Commission, the Free State Foundation has spoken out forcefully and eloquently on behalf of limited government, the rule of law, and rigorous economic analysis.

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly Before the Free State Foundation's Tenth Anniversary Luncheon

I’m excited and honored to play a part in the new Federal Communications Commission, and to the extent it is helpful, I am humbly going to outline some very broad areas where the next Commission could potentially focus some of its efforts.

Remarks of Michael O'Rielly, Commissioner, Before the New England Ratepayers Association (NERA)

Broadband deployment challenges need to be examined holistically.

FCC Orders USF Overpayment Recovery and Plans Fine Totaling $76 Million

The Federal Communications Commission voted to take multiple actions against Sandwich Isles Communications, which provides phone and broadband service to customers on Hawaiian Home Lands, for violations and apparent violations related to Universal

Chairman Wheeler's Response to Sens Re: Stingray Cell Site Simulators

On Oct 7th, several Senators wrote to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler regarding reports about state and local law enforcement's use of "cell site simulators" -- portable surveillance devices that collect cell phone identific

FCC Proposes Fine for Unlawful Overcharging of Universal Service Fees

The Federal Communications Commission has proposed a $392,930 fine against NECC Telecom for apparently charging excessive and unlawful universal service fees to its customers.

Commissioner Pai on FCC's zero-rating investigation

Two weeks ago, Congress called on the Federal Communications Commission to respect the tradition followed by Democrats and Republicans alike eight years ago during the last Presidential transition.

Commissioner O'Rielly on FCC's zero-rating investigation

In light of the multiple directives we have received from Congress to avoid directing attention and resources to complex or controversial matters, the staff of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau is inappropriately pressing forward and escalati

USAC Offers FCC Draft Lifeline National Verifier Plan; Public Welcomed to Comment

On March 31, 2016, the Federal Communications Commission adopted the 2016 Lifeline Modernization Order, with the goals of ensuring the affordability of voice and broadband service for low-income consumers and promoting the fiscal integrity of the

FCC Releases Sixth 'Measuring Broadband America' Report

The Federal Communications Commission released the results of its ongoing nationwide performance study of consumers’ fixed broadband Internet access service in its sixth “Measuring Broadband America” report.