Federal Communications Commission

Commissioner O'Rielly Statement on Commission Consideration of Broadband Privacy Interim Stay Order

As I indicated in my dissenting statement when the previous Commission adopted these rules, I believe they are fatally flawed from the standpoints of both statutory authority and public policy.

Pai's Privacy Ultimatum

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai believes that the best way to protect the online privacy of American consumers is through a comprehensive and uniform regulatory framework.

Joint FCC-FTC Commissioner Statement on Suspension of Broadband Privacy Protections

“Today Chairman Pai has created an unfortunate dilemma: accept a Bureau-level action that indefinitely unwinds key consumer privacy protections established by the FCC last year, or accept four business days (rather than the usual three weeks) to e

FCC Votes To Protect Small Businesses From Needless Transparency Regulation

The Federal Communications Commission relieved thousands of smaller broadband providers from onerous reporting obligations stemming from the 2015 Title II Order, freeing them to devote more resources to operating, improving and building out their

FCC Takes Next Steps Toward Expanding Rural Broadband Access

The Federal Communications Commission set key rules for a competitive “reverse auction” that will provide nearly $2 billion for rural deployment over the next decade.

FCC Advances Seamless Nationwide Access To Mobile Voice And Broadband Service Through Mobility Fund II

The Federal Communications Commission took steps to help expand and preserve 4G LTE mobile coverage across rural American and in Tribal lands by providing $453 million in annual universal service support through the FCC’s Mobility Fund Phase II fo

FCC Proposes 'Next-Generation' Broadcast Television Transmission Standard

The Federal Communications Commission seeks comment on a proposal that would allow television broadcasters to use the “Next Generation” broadcast television transmission standard, called “ATSC 3.0,” on a voluntary, market-driven basis.

FCC Expands Area Where FM Translators Rebroadcasting AM Radio Stations Can Be Located

The Federal Communications Commission expanded the site locations where FM translators can rebroadcast AM radio stations.

FCC Reduces Or Eliminates Burden Of Unnecessary Accounting Requirements For Carriers

Taking further steps to minimize unnecessary burdens on carriers, the Federal Communications Commission streamlined various accounting requirements for all carriers and eliminated certain accounting requirements for large carriers.

Deletion of Consent Agenda From February 23, 2017 Open Meeting

The Federal Communications Commission deleted from the list of items scheduled for consideration at its Feb 23 meeting.