Federal Communications Commission

Commissioner O'Rielly Remarks Before the 2018 Radio Show

Thank you for the opportunity to join your esteemed industry in Orlando (FL) to discuss radio policy issues. As we head into our next Quadrennial Review, more work remains, which I would like to spend my time discussing with you today:

FCC Facilitates Use of Satellite Earth Stations in Motion

The Federal Communications Commission streamlined, consolidated, and harmonized the rules governing earth stations used to provide satellite-based services on ships, airplanes, and vehicles.

FCC Streamlines Deployment of Next Generation Wireless Infrastructure

The Federal Communications Commission reduced the role of local communities in the deployment of infrastructure necessary for 5G and other advanced wireless services.

FCC Proposes Action to Help the Public Reach 911

The Federal Communications Commission proposed rules to help ensure that people who call 911 from multi-line telephone systems— which commonly serve hotels, office buildings, and campuses—can reach 911 and be quickly located by first responders.

FCC Staff Presentation on Connect America Fund Auction Results

The Federal Communications Commission's Rural Broadband Auctions Task Force made a presentation on the first multiple-round, reverse auction to allocate ongoing, high-cost universal service support for fixed broadband service.