Commissioner Carr Opposes Latest Weaponization Request

An organization called the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America submitted a filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) asking the agency to use its official powers to go after Elon Musk, based on their view that he is not doing enough to help Ukraine. Their filing asks the FCC to require Musk to step down from Starlink, to stop processing Starlink applications altogether, and ultimately to revoke SpaceX’s FCC licenses. Their submission is chock full of sweeping and unmoored allegations about “illegal meddling in US foreign policy” in Ukraine and complaints about the ways in which Starlink connectivity has been provided within Ukraine. Their submission is both procedurally improper and substantively meritless. Indeed, their filing repeatedly invokes laws and rules that have no application here. Plainly, this filing should have never left the drafts folder. The FCC must make clear that this agency will no longer participate in these efforts. The FCC should dismiss this filing with prejudice, lest the agency’s silence invite even more attempts just like it.

Carr Opposes Latest Weaponization Request