Federal Communications Commission

FCC Modernizes Delivery of Cable Notices

The Federal Communications Commission will allow cable operators to deliver notices to their customers via email.

FCC Considers Further Streamlining of Satellite Licensing Rules

The Federal Communications Commission proposed to further simplify and streamline its rules governing satellite communications. One significant proposal is to create a new unified license for space stations and earth stations operating in a geosta

FCC Proposes Additional Rules to Facilitate Earth Stations in Motion

The Federal Communications Commission took steps to facilitate the continued deployment of earth stations used to provide satellite-based services on ships, airplanes, and vehicles by advancing proposals to create a regulatory framework for non-ge

FCC Launches Review of Rules to Mitigate Orbital Space Debris

The Federal Communications Commission initiated a comprehensive review of its orbital debris mitigation rules.

FCC Approves Galileo Global Navigation System

The Federal Communications Commission granted in part the European Commission’s request for a waiver of the FCC’s rules so that non-Federal devices in the United States may access specific signals transmitted from the Global Navigation Satellite S