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Consumer Reports launches Broadband Together — a nationwide search for the truth about your internet service

In a first-of-its-kind effort, the Broadband Together initiative is asking people across the country to share their monthly internet bills — so we can find out what we’re really getting for our money, and advocate for a better internet that costs less. Consumer Reports is asking thousands of consumers to share their monthly internet bills at so CR can analyze the cost, quality, and speeds that are being delivered to people in communities across the US, and to bet

Go Check the FCC Broadband Map—Mistakes Could Cost Your State Billions

The Federal Communications Commission released a new national broadband map, which is supposed to help consumers see their options for internet service. Just as important, the map will be used to help determine where some $42.5 billion in federal funds will go to build out better access in places where high-speed, affordable broadband is lacking. The map has quickly become a battleground for states, including Colorado, New York, and Vermont, which say it doesn’t accurately reflect how many of their citizens lack fast access to the internet.

Broadband Pricing: What Consumer Reports Learned From 22,000 Internet Bills

Broadband service is too expensive for many Americans to afford. Consumer Reports ollected and analyzed more than 22,000 consumer broadband bills.

How Municipal Broadband Helped an Ohio Town Cope During the Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard starting in 2020, residents of Fairlawn (OH) were well-prepared to work and attend school online, while people living in some of the surrounding towns struggled with slower, less reliable internet service. Fairlawn, a relatively affluent Akron suburb of about 7,500 residents, built its own fiber-based internet service called FairlawnGig in 2017.

Survey on broadband affordability, accessibility, and quality of service in the US

Consumer Reports conducted a nationally representative survey to assess Americans’ access to high-speed internet service, and gauge their experiences and satisfaction with their broadband internet service. Key findings of the survey include: