Survey on broadband affordability, accessibility, and quality of service in the US

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Consumer Reports conducted a nationally representative survey to assess Americans’ access to high-speed internet service, and gauge their experiences and satisfaction with their broadband internet service. Key findings of the survey include: 

  • Access to internet: About three out of four Americans say their household accesses the internet using a broadband service–high speed internet through a fixed cable or connection. Fifteen percent of American households only have access to the internet through their smartphone data plan and one in 20 use DSL or dial-up to access the internet.
  • Reasons for not having broadband: Nearly a third of Americans who do not have broadband say the reason they do not have it is because it costs too much. A quarter of Americans who don’t have broadband in their homes say it is because it is not available where they live.
  • Cost of broadband: Overall, the median amount paid by Americans for broadband service is $70 per month including taxes and fees. Nearly a quarter of Americans who have a broadband service at their home say it’s difficult to afford their monthly broadband costs. A larger percentage of Black, non-Hispanic and Hispanic Americans than white, non Hispanic Americans say it’s ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ difficult to afford their monthly internet costs. Forty-three percent of Americans who have broadband service in their household say they are dissatisfied with the value they get for the money.
  • Opinions about municipal/community broadband: Three out of four Americans feel that municipal/community broadband should be allowed because it would ensure that broadband access is treated like other vital infrastructure such as highways, bridges, water systems, and electrical grids, allowing all Americans to have equal access to it. A larger percentage of Democrats than Independents and Republicans say municipal/community broadband should be allowed.

Consumer Reports survey on broadband affordability, accessibility, and quality of service in the United States Weak competition could hike your broadband bill by $96 a year