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Setting the Communications Policy Agenda for the Next Administration

[Commentary] For the past thirty years, the Aspen Institute has convened an annual conference that has focused on topics related to communications policy.

Wi-Fi and Wireless Networking for Community Anchor Institutions

For community anchor institutions (CAIs), robust broadband connections, teamed with Wi-Fi and other wireless networking, are the essential elements of a critical infrastructure.

Setting the (Post-Election) Broadband Agenda

Congress and the Federal Communications Commission were hard at work this week in advance of the November elections.

Laboring Away: FCC Proposes TV Set-Top Rules and Lawmakers Feud Over Internet Transition

Washington is back in full-swing after the Labor Day holiday. Congress is in session, elections are heating up, and the Federal Communications Commission released its “robust and diverse agenda” for its September 29 open meeting.

Broadband Needs Assessment and Planning for Community Anchor Institutions

[Commentary] Broadband needs assessment and planning for community anchor institutions (CAIs) is one of the most critical steps that state and local governments can take to improve broadband connectivity and promote economic growth in their region

AT&T v. FTC Decision and Media Ownership Rules Review

[SOURCE: Benton Foundation, AUTHOR: Robbie McBeath]

The Facebook Election Machine

As the 2016 Presidential primaries were starting in February, we looked at the digital tools offered by Facebook and Google to help voters gain information -- and be reached by candidates.

The Most Important Part of the Telecommunications Business You Probably Don't Know About

[Commentary] A hallmark of Tom Wheeler’s tenure as Federal Communications Commission Chairman has been his willingness to take on difficult challenges and push them to completion.

Can We Get Better Wi-Fi Without Jeopardizing Traffic Safety?

[Commentary] It might not be surprising that major industries would mount a big fight over how to deploy a swathe of currently unused spectrum.

A Tour of Kansas City’s Digital Divide

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance’s first Net Inclusion Summit in Kansas City, Missouri, brought together activists from around the country who are working towards the same goal: for everyone, from all walks of life, to have access to the In