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Chairman Wheeler’s Farewell Message (in Two Parts)

With President Barack Obama’s second term ending on January 20, a number of Administration officials are delivering final addresses capsulizing the advances their departments or agencies led over the last eight years.

The Creation Orientation = Better Community Broadband

[Commentary] There are two ways to approach community broadband networks and “owning the business of broadband”: the problem-solving approach and the creation orientation approach.

Who's Who in Telecommunications Policy -- Part 1: The 115th Congress

As we await the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump on January 20, the 115th Congress is back at work.

Reactions to FCC Zero-Rating Report

Republican leadership criticized while some Democratic lawmakers were praising the Federal Communications Commission's report finding that some zero-rating plans may run afoul of network neutrality rules.

Stingray 101: How Law Enforcement Agencies And, Perhaps, Anyone Else, Can And Do Intercept Cell Phone Calls

[Commentary] Cell-site simulators, often (if not entirely accurately) referred to as “Stingrays,” pose important legal and policy issues for a democratic society, especially in light of evidence that these devices have disproportionately been used

Globalstar's Christmas Present

[Commentary] On December 22, the Federal Communications Commission gave a satellite operator named Globalstar a Christmas present of sorts, along with a lump of coal.

Partnerships, Sharing, and Community Anchor Institution Broadband

[Commentary] Partnerships, aggregation, and coordination in securing broadband services are valuable tools for community anchor institutions (CAIs).

The Trump FCC’s Toolkit For Deregulating Media and Telecommunications

Although there are many articles and blog posts discussing likely policy changes in the media and telecommunications space, it is far too early to know exactly when and what will happen at the Federal Communications Commission under the forthcomin

After Wheeler Announcement, Washington Responds

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn said, “Whether you agreed with him or not, Tom Wheeler, my chairman, has made a bold impact on this agency and this ecosystem.

Celebrating Chairman Wheeler’s Gift to the American People

[Commentary] In reviewing the successes of the last year, but, more broadly, the last three years, the person I keep returning to is Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler.