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Life in the Slow Lane

[Commentary] Please don’t break the Internet before rural America gets it. What does network neutrality mean for rural folk, whether online or trying to get online?

The Nobility of E-Rate

[Commentary] In the library community, one of today’s highest profile, exciting national policy topics is modernization of the E-rate program.

We propose three initiatives:

A Time For "No!"

[Commentary] How much more do regulators need to know before they understand that the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger is bad news all around?

Recrafting Open Internet Rules

[Commentary] On April 11, the Benton Foundation responded to the Federal Communications Commission’s request for public comment on how to preserve an Open Internet in the wake of the ruling by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia C

It’s More Than Mere Access

[Commentary] The newly released Pew Research Center’s report, “Older Adults and Technology Use,” shows substantial forward movement in Internet use and broadband adoption by America’s senior population.

Driving Fiber Deeper: The National Broadband Plan at Four

[Commentary] Blair Levin, who served as the Executive Director of the Omnibus Broadband Initiative at the Federal Communications Commission, gave a speech at the birthday party of sorts for the National Broadband Plan, which turned four years old.

Seeing Issues Whole

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission deals with a wide universe of issues.

Today's Quote 01.03.07

Benton Foundation Chairman and CEO Charles Benton sent a letter to President Bush urging the President to create a national broadband strategy.