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When the Pai FCC Abandons the Public Interest, Who You Gonna Call?

On February 6, 2017, Andrew Jay Schwartzman – the Benton Senior Counselor at the Public Interest Communications Law Project at Georgetown University Law Center's Institute for Public Representation – appeared before the US Court of Appeals for the

Community Anchor Institutions and Residential Broadband Adoption

[Commentary] The Internet is driving innovation in community and economic development, education, health care, and government services. But residential broadband adoption1 has stalled.

Benton Troubled By FCC's Transparency About Face

The “E-rate Modernization Progress Report” tells a powerful story of how pragmatic FCC policies are playing a vital role in extending gigabit broadband to every school, Wi-Fi to every classroom, and opportunity to every child.

Making the FCC Transparent Again

Since the 2016 elections, we have been looking at the people who will have the greatest impact on telecommunications and media policy in Congress and at the Federal Communications Commission.

Benton Foundation Welcomes FCC's Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee

The Benton Foundation is pleased to see that the top priority of new Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is accelerating broadband deployment and closing the digital divide. The Benton Foundation shares the same priority.

Make America First in Broadband Again

I sent a letter to President Donald Trump and leaders both in Congress and at the Federal Communications Commission. Just as ten years ago when Benton Foundation Founder Charles Benton called on then-President George W.

The First Casualty is the Truth: Trump's Running War With the Media

[Commentary] In a democracy, the key role for citizens is to participate in public life.

The Selling of Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman and Folk Hero

On January 23, Ajit Pai thanked President Donald Trump for naming Pai the next Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Reactions to Ajit Pai Being Designated as FCC Chairman

On January 23, It was announced that President Donald Trump named Ajit Pai as the next Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

No Time To Waste

[Commentary] Word on the street is that the Trump Federal Communications Commission transition team has submitted its report to Administration higher-ups and that it has been largely or wholly accepted.