Justice Department Antitrust Chief Makan Delrahim: Supreme Court ruling won't shield Big Tech

Justice Department Antitrust Chief Makan Delrahim said that he doesn't think the Supreme Court's American Express ruling would make it more difficult to take on the biggest online platforms over competition concerns. 

The Supreme Court decision Silicon Valley is reading

The ripples of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of American Express could be felt on the West Coast, with some arguing it would make it harder for antitrust enforcers to take on big online platforms like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

The Founding Fathers vs. social media

When people think about the challenge that Facebook and Twitter pose to our democracy, they don't often think about James Madison and the Federalist Papers.

Dysfunctional US needs "Sputnik moment" on future tech

The US is putting up relatively meager competition in a potent new global tech race that, combined with the wave of go-it-alone nationalism led by President Donald Trump, is reshaping global politics and may lead to war, according to a major new r

Big Tech still struggles with President Trump

For tech executives, the Trump administration's child separation policy provided a moment of clarity when the choice to speak out was relatively easy. But after Trump's executive order, companies were once again struggling to figure out how to res