How AI will turbocharge misinformation—and what we can do about it

Attention-grabbing warnings of artificial intelligence's existential threats have eclipsed what many experts and researchers say is a much more imminent risk: A near-certain rise in misinformation. The struggle to separate fact from fiction online didn't start with the rise of generative AI — but the red-hot new technology promises to make misinformation more abundant and more compelling. By some estimates, AI-generated content 

Threads poses rare threat to Twitter's political monopoly

Meta’s new microblogging app Threads is emerging as a potential threat to Twitter’s lock on politicians and political observers seeking real-time news and debate.  Most Twitter competitors have struggled to match the size and bipartisanship of its user base, but Threads is garnering significant participation from both parties.

Finding the good side of social media

Social media gets a bad rap these days—our polarized society, its impacts on self-esteem, all that stuff—but there's a group of creators out there dedicated to using their talents to bring you good vibes only. These artists—mostly centered on Instagram, though they cross-post to other platforms—have built vast followings by generating smiles via their signature characters. A by-no-means comprehensive selection of some popular accounts include:

Tech rolls out two revolutions at once

Silicon Valley is hatching new futures faster than the rest of the world can digest them. The artificial-intelligence wave, driven by the astonishing ne