Why China hasn't followed Russia on disinformation — yet

The Chinese government certainly has the ability to pursue an online political disinformation campaign directed at foreign elections — but hasn’t yet because it favors long-term thinking over Russia’s scorched-earth foreign policy, experts said. R

The wild west of children's entertainment

An explosion of new digital options for kids' entertainment has pulled children's attention away from live TV to instant, on-demand programming, bringing with it new challenges for producers, policymakers and parents. TV networks are trying to mod

Media bias extends beyond politics

Several examples of major non-political news stories recently show that collective bias by the mainstream media goes beyond politics, seeping into issues of race, climate, and terrorism. The financial pressures being put on newsrooms often push jo

20 ways Democrats could crack down on Big Tech

Sen. Mark Warner's office has laid out 20 different paths to address problems posed by Big Tech platforms — ranging from putting a price on individual users' data to funding media literacy programs.

How Facebook could dodge fake news land mines

Facebook’s prioritization of openness and accessibility has made it a target of critics who say it isn't doing enough to stomp out fake news and misinformation. Experts argue Facebook could do a number of things to reduce fake news.

Local news sites rise as newspapers face cuts

As local newspapers continue to fall off the map, digital-first websites are cropping up to cover local communities. Local Independent Online New Publishers (LION), a trade organization, has seen its membership double in the past years to 225 memb