UScellular demos 5G fixed wireless access in Alleman, Iowa — population 423

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UScellular brought its 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) technology to North Polk High School in Alleman, Iowa, to show state government officials how it can connect homes, businesses, and classrooms – with the added benefit of mobility. The location was selected to represent the typical characteristics of any small town in rural America. Alleman has a population of 423 people. The wireless operator was joined by technology leaders at Ericsson, Qualcomm, and the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA). Attendees included state legislators and Governor’s Empower Rural Iowa Task Force members. UScellular combined millimeter wave (mmWave) and low band spectrum to deliver speeds of 850 Mbps downlink and over 100 Mbps uplink. Of course, it’s no secret that UScellular wants a portion of federal grant money to help fund infrastructure investments in its rural territories. So it can’t hurt to show state legislators first-hand how those kinds of dollars can fuel 5G investments in their neighborhoods.

UScellular demos 5G FWA in Alleman, Iowa — population 423