Underline Receives New Investment for Infrastructure To Connect Communities

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Underline, the nation’s intelligent community infrastructure platform, is connecting American communities on a foundation of open access fiber. To support existing projects and drive continued US expansion, a fund managed by Ares Management’s Infrastructure Opportunities strategy joins Underline as a strategic investor—adding a scaled global investment manager to the existing investor group. Underline is the first digital infrastructure investment Ares will make through its Infrastructure Opportunities strategy—a leading infrastructure investor with approximately $4.3 billion in assets under management, as of June 30, 2022. Through this investment, Underline can offer service to residential customers on full fiber connections with symmetric gigabit speeds for $65/month—no installation or equipment fees, no contracts, no data caps, and no forced bundles. In addition, Underline members can select their broadband provider from a choice of three on the online Marketplace and can switch between them at ease. Transforming community connectivity must also include a plan to address the growing digital divide that presents a barrier to upward mobility for individuals and families. Underline’s Opportunity Program provides the standard tier of service—500/500 Mbps— at no cost, for households that qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), and symmetric gigabit service for $35/month. 

Underline Receives New Investment for Infrastructure To Connect Communities Underline looks beyond Colorado Springs with new PE backing from Ares (Fierce)