Senators Urge FCC Improve Access to Local Journalism

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Twenty senators penned a letter to the Federal Communications Commission urging the agency to improve access to local media on streaming platforms. Current law and FCC rules state that traditional cable and satellite networks must work directly with a local television station before broadcasting local news, sports, and other programming. However, linear streaming services over the internet are not required to negotiate directly with local television stations. Streaming services have a large and growing portion of the video media market as consumers cut the cord and make the switch from traditional television providers like cable and satellite TV to streaming services over the internet. In 2014, nearly 9 in 10 households subscribed to cable or satellite. In 2023, fewer than half of families subscribe. As consumers show their preference for the freedom that streaming services provide, it is critical for Congress to ensure continued access to local journalism.

Luján Leads Colleagues Urging FCC Improve Access to Local Journalism