Sen Markey to Reintroduce Net Neutrality Legislation Within Weeks

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Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) plans to introduce legislation in the coming weeks to restore net neutrality rules put in place during the Obama administration. With a shift in political dynamics following the 2020 election, lawmakers are renewing their push to police internet service providers under Title II of the Communications Act, and this time, the pandemic emphasizes a powerful point in the debate. “Once we have three Democrats in place at the [Federal Communications Commission], I'm going to strongly urge the commission to reverse the Trump FCC's wrongheaded decision and restore net neutrality and the FCC's authority over broadband,” Sen Markey said. “And in the coming weeks, I'm also planning on reintroducing legislation to do the same by statute. Here's the bottom line: Whether it's in the halls of the FCC or in the halls of Congress, we will not stop working until net neutrality is the law of the land.” Sen Markey noted that with a recent court ruling allowing California to enforce its own law, and net neutrality champions now holding the reins on Capitol Hill, “a new day has dawned in Washington and around our country.” “We have a whole new era of net neutrality, which is just beginning,” he said.

Lawmaker to Reintroduce Net Neutrality Legislation Within Weeks