Rep Meng Introduces Legislation to Close the Nation's Homework Gap

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Rep Grace Meng (D-NY) announced the introduction of the Closing the Homework Gap Through Mobile Hotspots Act, which would create a $100 million grant program for schools, libraries, US territories, and federally recognized Indian Tribes to purchase mobile hotspots to help close the nation’s homework gap. They would use the funds to create mobile hotspot programs for students to have internet access to complete their homework. As many as 12 million students in the US lack broadband at home.

“Every child deserves their best chance at pursuing an education. But it breaks my heart knowing that millions of kids, every night, are unable to finish their homework simply because they are without internet access. Before the internet became ubiquitous, students completed their homework with pencil and paper—today, that is no longer case,” said Rep Meng. “We cannot allow this to go on. My bill is simple and does not require investing funds in developing new technologies to close the 'homework gap;' instead, it builds on and expands existing infrastructures. Mobile hotspot devices already exist, and with my bill, we can get them to more students who need them. Essentially, students can 'check-out' these mobile hotspots from their schools or local libraries – just as they do for books. I encourage all my colleagues in the House to support my bill – and help break down barriers to education.”

Meng Introduces Legislation to Close the Nation's Homework Gap