Remarks of FCC Commissioner Starks at NSR/BCG 5G Conference

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving next week, it’s appropriate to take stock and look to the future. I’d like to reflect on our nation’s progress on 5G and observe a few of the related issues facing us in 2022 and beyond. Since the first mobile deployments in 2019, US 5G service and adoption have steadily expanded. The [Federal Communications Commission] has played a key part in that growth, and we must ensure that it continues. But we must also draw lessons from that work, so we’re prepared for the days ahead.

5G is a critical part of bridging the digital divide, and every community must have access to this important service. Mid-band spectrum will be essential to achieving this goal, and since becoming a Commissioner, I’ve focused on making as much of this spectrum available as fast as possible. As I noted earlier, the next year should see a dramatic expansion of mid-band spectrum availability. Other spectrum bands are coming. While much work lies ahead, I am optimistic that we will be able to work with our federal partners to make additional mid-band spectrum available in the lower 3 GHz band and elsewhere. The work will not be easy, but the FCC is poised to work with this Administration to develop a national spectrum strategy that will ensure the wireless industry has the spectrum it needs to fully deploy 5G across the country, while protecting important incumbent operations from harmful interference.

Commissioner Starks Remarks at NSR/BCG 5G Conference