President Trump Thanks Carriers for COVID-19 Response

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President Donald Trump held a call with top communications company CEOs to check in with those working to maintain and extend essential connections in a pandemic-driven world of sheltering- and quarantining-in-place. According to the White House, the President thanked them and their employees for their work to keep the country connected for work, education, shopping and bridging the physical distances with virtual socializing. The President talked about the strength of a free-market based network system that remained strong. The President called the system the envy of the world and thanked them for not only keeping the networks running, but extending free service and waiving bills and late fees for low-income residents. He said they were answering his call for an all-of-America response to the virus pandemic.  

President Trump Thanks Carriers for COVID-19 Response Trump speaks with network service providers on coronavirus response (The Hill)