President Biden Announces Support for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

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President Biden and Vice President Harris announced their support for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, the largest long-term investment in our infrastructure and competitiveness in nearly a century – an investment that will make our economy more sustainable, resilient, and just. The $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is a critical step in implementing President Biden’s Build Back Better vision. The Plan makes transformational and historic investments in clean transportation infrastructure, clean water infrastructure, universal broadband infrastructure, clean power infrastructure, remediation of legacy pollution, and resilience to the changing climate. Cumulatively across these areas, the Framework invests two-thirds of the resources that the President proposed in his American Jobs Plan. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework will connect every American to reliable high-speed internet, just as the federal government made a historic effort to provide electricity to every American nearly one hundred years ago. The Framework will also drive down prices for internet service and close the digital divide. The package includes $65 billion for broadband infrastructure.

President Biden Announces Support for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework Here's What's Included In The Infrastructure Deal That Biden Struck With Senators (NPR) Biden, Senators Agree to Roughly $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan