New America Issues Recommendations to FCC on Broadband Labels

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New America's Open Technology Institute (OTI) sent recommendations to the FCC on the “broadband nutrition label,” a standardized form that clearly discloses the price and terms of internet service plans. OTI submitted the following comments and recommendations:

  1. Broadband disclosures are opaque, confusing, and intimidating.
  2. The labels must promote transparency, simplicity, and competition.
  3. The labels can promote digital equity and other pro-consumer goals.
  4. The content of the 2016 labels should be updated.
  5. The format of the 2016 labels should be updated.
  6. The FCC should anticipate long-term enforcement needs.
  7. Small providers are market leaders on transparency.
  8. The FCC should solicit more public feedback.

OTI to Testify on Broadband Nutrition Label, Issues Recommendations to FCC