New America Challenges FCC Chairman Pai’s Net Neutrality Repeal by Filing Protective Petition for Review in DC Circuit

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New America's Open Technology Institute became one of the first parties to challenge the Federal Communications Commission’s harmful order repealing the net neutrality rules by filing a protective petition for review in the DC Circuit. OTI filed the protective petition in an abundance of caution to ensure that, if a lottery is held determining the proper venue for the case at this stage, the DC Circuit is included in the selection process. 

The following statement can be attributed to Sarah Morris, Director of Open Internet Policy at the Open Technology Institute:

Today's petitions are but one part of our commitment to protecting net neutrality. We have supported, and will continue to support, a CRA resolution in Congress to overturn the FCC’s repeal, which is gaining momentum by the day. But there are also important legal issues to address, from the rushed and procedurally deficient proceeding, to the misguided move to unravel the Title II underpinning of the order and the strong net neutrality rules, to preempting states and localities from protecting net neutrality. OTI will be on the front lines of these coming legal battles.