Net Neutrality Can Still Be Saved

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You can be sure that Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai and his cronies in the phone and cable lobby will declare victory on June 11, but the expiration of the 2015 net neutrality rules will be only a temporary hiccup. The fight is far from over in Congress, in the courts, and across the country. That’s because people everywhere understand what’s at stake. Without net neutrality, large phone and cable companies will control the future of communications, deciding who gets a voice and who doesn’t. No one thinks that letting Comcast manage our clicks is a good idea. Pai’s attempts to strangle the free internet exemplify a Washington where corporations dictate policy, and the people aren’t going to take that sitting down. Not today and not ever.

[Timothy Karr is the senior director of strategy and communications for Free Press]

Net Neutrality Can Still Be Saved Public Outcry to Restore Net Neutrality Grows Louder as Trump FCC Repeal Takes Effect (Free Press)