INCOMPAS to FCC: Interconnections Need Government Minding

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INCOMPAS, whose members include competitive carriers and edge providers, has told the Federal Communications Commission that network neutrality rules apply to interconnections among networks as well as between ISPs and broadband subscribers. "If the Commission were to relinquish its oversight of interconnection and internet traffic exchange as contemplated in the NPRM, we expect that large BIAS providers will revert to exercising their incentive to engage in congestion practices at interconnection to force edge and transit providers to pay them which will harm the investment in Internet content and services," INCOMPAS told the FCC. INCOMPAS says there is also plenty of evidence that ISPs have the ability and the incentive to discriminate against over-the-top traffic, like Netlfix content versus their own video offerings. That, combined with the lack of competition in residential high-speed broadband--the FCC under Chairman Ajit Pai has suggested it actually is competitive--means the FCC must continue to regulate interconnections.

INCOMPAS to FCC: Interconnections Need Government Minding INCOMPAS Letter to FCC