Illinois Launches BEAD Challenge Process

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The Illinois Office of Broadband formally launched its Challenge Process on February 20, 2024, starting the 120-day clock to get the broadband map right. The Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) Challenge Process gives Illinois non-profits, local governments, residents, and internet service providers the opportunity to weigh in on the broadband availability map to ensure funding is going where it is needed most. In line with National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) guidance, the Challenge Phase will open 7 days after the publication of the Challenge Process timeline, which means that eligible challengers can start submitting challenges on February 27. During this window, the Office of Broadband will host office hours, webinars, and technical assistant support. Tune into the upcoming webinar on Wednesday, February 21 from 12-1 pm for the first challenge portal training, highlighting the different paths to submitting a challenge. More information on the Challenge Process can be found on the Illinois Office of Broadband website.

BEAD Map Challenge Process