Hawai'i Digital Equity Plan

The vision of the Digital Equity Plan for Hawaiʻi will be the overarching guide that will steer the direction of all strategies, objectives, and actions in this plan. As remote work, online learning, telehealth services, and virtual interactions became essential, individuals and communities faced immense obstacles getting digitally connected. These challenges will continue without high quality Internet access, adequate tools, and the necessary digital literacy skills. The impact of digital inequity extends across various sectors and geographic regions in Hawaiʻi—economy, workforce, education, healthcare, essential services, familial care, and civic and social engagement. Access to affordable, high-speed Internet, connected devices, digital literacy training, and support programs for communities will empower Hawaiʻi’s residents and create a more equitable and prosperous future. Hawaiʻi’s vision for digital equity is informed by its rich history, while looking forward to the next seven generations of a thriving people. It recognizes that digital equity goes beyond acute needs experienced each day and has the power to impact fundamental quality of life.