GCI strikes deal with Intelsat to expand service capacity in rural areas

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The Alaskan service provider GCI has struck a $150 million deal with Intelsat to expand capacity for telecommunication services in rural areas. GCI has delivered geosynchronous (GEO) satellite-based connectivity for 35 years to provide data, video and voice services in the state. The new deal not only provides GCI with continued access to C-band and Ku-band capacity, which is already part of GCI's satellite service portfolio, but it also provides new access to statewide Ka-band capacity. Intelsat will supply a multi-satellite solution over a new and enhanced managed earth station platform and a tri-band (C, Ku and Ka) network that will cover the entire state of Alaska. According to GCI, delivering service in rural Alaska requires a comprehensive approach and a willingness to use every tool in the toolkit, including fiber, microwave, GEO satellites like those operated by Intelsat, and eventually low earth orbit (LEO) satellites. GCI also says it has been actively engaged in talks with LEO providers including SpaceX, OneWeb and Telesat.

GCI strikes $150M satellite deal with Intelsat to expand capacity for rural areas