Communications facilitated by equipment that orbits around the earth.

FCC Seeks Comment on 2018 Biennial Review of Telecommunications Regulations

The Federal Communications Commission is required to review biennially its regulations “that apply to the operations or activities of any provider of telecommunications service” and“determine whether any such regulation is no longer necessary in t

FCC Adopts the First Consolidated Communications Marketplace Report

The Federal Communications Commission adopted its first Communications Marketplace Report, which provides a comprehensive evaluation of the state of the communications marketplace.

FCC Releases Draft Appendices to Communications Marketplace Report

The Federal Communications Commission released a draft of the appendices to the Communications Marketplace Report.

Chairman Pai Remarks at International Telecom & Media Forum

I’m pleased to note that the Americas region continues to work hard and steadily advance regional proposals for the 2019 International Telecommunication Union World Radio Conference. We are deeply focused on the WRC-19.


New America

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 12:30 to 14:00

The rapidly improving accuracy of satellite navigation in mobile devices can help to democratize land surveying throughout the developing world. How can field practitioners best utilize this tech to implement community mapping initiatives and formalize property rights?

Chairman Pai Remarks on the Current Landscape of Telecom Law at Federalist Society Convention

I thought I’d focus on what the Federal Communications Commission is doing to promote US leadership in some of the most promising sectors of our economy.

FCC Approves SpaceX, Kepler, Telesat, LeoSat Satellite Requests

The Federal Communications Commission approved the requests of four companies—Space Exploration Holdings, LLC (SpaceX), Kepler Communications, Inc. (Kepler), Telesat Canada (Telesat), and LeoSat MA, Inc.

FCC Considers Further Streamlining of Satellite Licensing Rules

The Federal Communications Commission proposed to further simplify and streamline its rules governing satellite communications. One significant proposal is to create a new unified license for space stations and earth stations operating in a geosta

FCC Proposes Additional Rules to Facilitate Earth Stations in Motion

The Federal Communications Commission took steps to facilitate the continued deployment of earth stations used to provide satellite-based services on ships, airplanes, and vehicles by advancing proposals to create a regulatory framework for non-ge

FCC Launches Review of Rules to Mitigate Orbital Space Debris

The Federal Communications Commission initiated a comprehensive review of its orbital debris mitigation rules.