FCC Seeks Comment on Competition in the Communications Marketplace

In the last quarter of every even numbered year, the Federal Communications Commission must publish a Communications Marketplace Report that, among other things, assesses the state of competition in the communications marketplace, including competition to deliver voice, video, audio, and data services among providers of telecommunications, providers of commercial mobile service, multichannel video programming distributors, broadcast stations, providers of satellite communications, Internet service providers, and other providers of communications services. In assessing the state of competition, the FCC must consider all forms of competition, including the effect of intermodal competition, facilities-based competition, and competition from new and emergent communications services. The FCC must also assess whether laws, regulations, regulatory practices, or demonstrated marketplace practices pose a barrier to competitive entry into the communications marketplace or to the competitive expansion of existing providers of communications service.

The FCC now seeks seeks input on the state of the communications marketplace to inform the required assessment of the state of competition in the communications marketplace in its 2020 Communications Marketplace Report to Congress. Specifically, the FCC seeks data, information, and comment on a wide range of issues relevant to the state of competition in the communications marketplace. The FCC requests that commenters submit information, data, and statistics for 2018 and 2019, as well as information on any notable trends and developments that have occurred during early 2020. Industry stakeholders, the public, and other interested parties are encouraged to submit information, comments, and analyses. To facilitate analysis of competitive trends, parties should submit relevant current and historic data that are comparable over time.

GN Docket No. 20-60

Comments Due: April 13, 2020

Reply Comments Due: May 13, 2020

FCC Seeks Comment on Competition in the Communications Marketplace