FCC Commissioners' Remarks on the 'Your Home, Your Internet' Pilot Program

Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said, "This pilot program, which we are calling “Your Home, Your Internet” would not be happening today without the leadership of Commissioner Starks. He saw clearly that this was an underserved population that was called out in the law and that needed special focus. So let me call out Commissioner Starks right here and now. I am grateful for his efforts, both for what he did to help get this program going and for what he will do going forward to ensure it is a success. In fact, I am even more excited for the good things that will come from it and his continued leadership in this area. So a big thank you to my colleague and friend. Thank you also to our partners in this effort at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This is just the start. We are looking at ways to work together more closely and already it has yielded results, including improvements to the application process and expanded access to verifier systems to help facilitate enrollment. But stay tuned for more."

Federal Communications Commissioner Geoffrey Starks said, "I’m proud that we adopt a Third Report and Order creating the Your Home, Your Internet Pilot Program. Through federal housing assistance, millions of Americans have access to a home. It’s time to help them take advantage of ACP to access affordable Internet as well. The Pilot Program is guided by three steps: first, increasing awareness; second, gaining trust; and third, executing on enrollment." Starks continued, "Real challenges require creative thinking and solutions. I’m very excited to see this Affordable Connectivity Program Pilot Program come to fruition. I look forward to closely following the Your Home, Your Internet Pilot Program participants to see what trends develop, and lessons we should learn. Take note – I also expect that the lessons learned here, of course, will be applicable in helping ACP enrollment more broadly. Here’s the point: with broadband, we will not be truly successful unless every person has the same opportunity to participate in our connected future."

Statements of FCC Commissioners Regarding the 'Your Home, Your Internet' Pilot Program