FCC Chairwoman Rosenworcel Remarks to AI Workshop

From my perch as the head of our Nation’s expert agency on communications, I can’t help but be an optimist about the future of AI. Every day I see how communications networks power our world. I know how their expansion and evolution can change commercial and civic life. I also know the power of those communications networks can grow exponentially when we can use AI to understand how to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our networks. Because the day is not far off when we will be able to use this technology to help self-configure, self-optimize, and self-heal facilities. It provides a level of insight and precision that can increase network trust and help turn communications scarcity into abundance. So those are three reasons to be optimistic about AI in communications—spectrum efficiency, network resiliency, and tools to protect consumers.

Chairwoman Rosenworcel Remarks to AI Workshop