FCC Authorizes Amazon's "Project Kuiper" Satellite Constellation

The Federal Communications Commission grants the request of Kuiper Systems LLC (Kuiper or Amazon) to deploy a non-geostationary satellite orbit (NGSO) system to provide service using certain Fixed-Satellite Service (FSS) and Mobile-Satellite Service (MSS) Ka-band frequencies with conditions adopted. We conclude that grant of Kuiper’s application would advance the public interest by
authorizing a system designed to increase the availability of high-speed broadband service to consumers, government, and businesses.

Amazon plans to launch 3,236 low-Earth satellites for its "Project Kuiper" broadband service. Amazon said it will invest more than $10 billion in the project. FCC rules give Amazon six years to launch and operate 50 percent of the licensed satellites, with a deadline date of July 30, 2026. Amazon would have to launch the rest of the licensed satellites by July 30, 2029. Amazon plans to offer broadband to customers "once the first 578 satellites are launched," the FCC said. Amazon hasn't said when service will be available to customers.

FCC Authorizes Kuiper Satellite Constellation Amazon investing $10 billion to compete against SpaceX in satellite broadband (ars technica) Amazon receives FCC approval for Project Kuiper satellite constellation (Amazon)