Diller: Net Neutrality Is Essentially Unassailable

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Barry Diller, chairman of edge provider IAC (ask.com, The Daily Beast, and Angie's List, among many others) told CNBC he doesn't care what the Federal Communications Commission does or doesn't do about network neutrality because he doesn't think that neutrality can now be violated. Tasked to weigh in on the issue given the Trump Administration pledge to roll back Title II -- FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is expected to proposed that rollback soon. "I think it is over," he said. "I don't care what they do about net neutrality. It is [the] practice of the world," he said. "I do not believe no matter what law supports or is tossed aside, that net neutrality is not going to be the way things are done. You're still going to be able to push a button and publish to the world, without anybody in between asking you for tribute. I think that is now just the way things are done. I don't think it can be violated no matter what laws are back."