Congress Directs FCC to Review TV Market Modification Petitions

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The recently passed 2019 Appropriations bill (the bill that avoided a second government shutdown) was a massive tome that included directing the Federal Communications Commission to provide a "full analysis" of its treatment of market modification petitions. Those are petitions by broadcasters or satellite operators or county officials to modify a market so that satellite viewers in a Nielsen market that crosses state lines can get local news and sports from TV stations from another Nielsen market in their own state instead. It's a big issue particularly with college football fans who want access to their own team, not the rival from another state, but also for viewers needing local news and emergency info close to home. The bill says the FCC should provide a full analysis and comprehensive review of market modulation decisions. The language does not require the FCC to compile report, simply to do its due diligence when reviewing requests.

Congress Directs FCC to Review Market Mod "Issues"