Colorado Broadband Office Announces Capital Projects Funding

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The Colorado Broadband Office announced additional grants using stimulus funding from the US Treasury’s Capital Projects Fund (CPF) program. As a result of the Advance-CPF Challenge Process, some of the previously awarded projects were reduced in size, leading to additional availability of funding. Subsequently, five new projects were awarded. The five new projects are:

  1. Kersey Connects (Allo Communications LLC): $1,107,318
  2. Colorado Springs Utilities - Cedar Heights (Colorado Springs Utilities): $1,831,840
  3. SECOM FTTP on Highway 12 west of Trinidad (Southern Colorado Economic Development District): $3,371,190
  4. Teller County FTTH Project (Vero): $2,469,018
  5. Gilcrest FTTH Project (Vero): $700,826

CBO Announces Additional Grants for Broadband