Changing Our (Virtual) Reality: Telehealth and the US Maternal Health Crisis

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As society works to address the systemic barriers that contribute to the maternal health crisis, it is important to recognize the role that telehealth could play in improving the United States’ maternal health outcomes. Policymakers should take the following into consideration: 

  • Telehealth providers must take cultural competency and practices into account when providing telehealth across communities. 
  • Continually assessing the effectiveness and individual experiences with telehealth technology can help address challenges as they arise. 
  • Digital access and literacy are critical for ensuring that telehealth remains a viable option for patients nationwide. 
  • Advocates at all levels should work to eliminate barriers to telehealth. Doing so would increase access to important preventive and routine care to educate birthing persons and their support systems. 
  • Researchers should continually study the evolving and unique needs of prenatal and postpartum populations.


Changing Our (Virtual) Reality: Telehealth and the United States Maternal Health Crisis