Chairman Pai Statement On USTelecom’s Release of Broadband Investment Figures for 2018

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai issued the following statement regarding USTelecom’s release of broadband investment figures for 2018:

When I became FCC Chairman in January 2017, investment in our nation’s broadband networks had declined for two straight years. So we turned the page on the failed policies of the past and charted a new course. We focused on reducing unnecessary regulatory burdens and cutting red tape that discourages broadband deployment. And we concentrated on updating our rules to match the modern communications marketplace...The latest evidence reaffirms that our policies are working. Today’s figures show that investment in our nation’s broadband networks rose in 2018 for a second straight year, with an estimated increase of $3 billion...In short, we’re moving in the right direction. So in the time to come, we’ll continue on the same course—full speed ahead. That means getting rid of more unnecessary regulatory burdens and updating more outdated rules so that we can continue to connect more Americans with high-speed broadband and digital opportunity.

Statement Of Chairman Pai On Increased Broadband Investment For Second Year In A Row