Broadcast Deregulation Foes File Supreme Court Brief

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In advance of the Supreme Court's Jan. 19 oral argument on the Federal Communications Commission's 2017 broadcast ownership deregulation decision, opponents of that FCC decision have briefed the court on their position that a federal appeals court was correct in vacating and remanding the decision back to the FCC with the instruction to "do its homework." The Prometheus Radio Project, Common Cause, and a host of others (including the Benton Institute) filed a joint brief explaining why the appeals court stay was justified and why the FCC should have to show the court how the FCC's deregulatory moves did not adversely affect diversity in broadcasting. They said the FCC, if it is going to profess a commitment to diversity, which it has, must "reasonably" implement that commitment--and explain to the court how its deregulation moves further that, something they say the FCC has not done, but could and should.

Broadcast Dereg Foes File Supreme Court Brief