AT&T Launches Connected Learning Centers

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AT&T is expanding free-device programs, increasing access to educational and digital literacy tools and opening the first of more than 20 AT&T Connected Learning Centers across the US. These centers will be housed within local community organizations and will provide underserved students and families with free access to the internet, computers, and educational resources. As of now, AT&T plans to open Connected Learning Centers in Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Miami, and San Francisco. This expansion follows the announcement of the AT&T Connected Learning program in April 2021, which is part of the company's three-year $2 billion commitment to bridge the digital divide through efforts that promote broadband affordability, accessibility and adoption. The opening of the first AT&T Connected Learning Center – located at Family Gateway in Dallas (TX) – moves the company toward its goal to provide 1 million K-12 students in the United States with the technology and/or skills needed to succeed by 2025. AT&T expects to open many of the Connected learning Centers before the end of 2021.

Expanding Efforts to Bridge the Digital Divide