Apple, Google Worked as ‘One Company’ on Search Deal, Suit Says

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The Justice Department’s lawsuit against Google reveals new details about a secretive, multibillion-dollar deal between Google and Apple. The suit targets paid deals Google negotiates to get its search engine to be the default on browsers, phones and other devices. The biggest of these is an agreement that makes Google search the default on iPhones and other Apple devices. The Justice Department said Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and Google CEO Sundar Pichai met in 2018 to discuss the deal. After that, an unidentified senior Apple employee wrote to a Google counterpart that “our vision is that we work as if we are one company.” The DOJ also cited internal Google documents that call the Apple search deal a “significant revenue channel” for the search giant and one that, if lost, would result in a “Code Red” scenario. That’s because nearly half of Google search traffic in 2019 came from Apple products. Google doled out more than $1 billion last year to U.S. mobile carriers to distribute its search engine.

Apple, Google Worked as ‘One Company’ on Search Deal, Suit Says Google Locks In Search Monopoly With $1 Billion to Carriers (Bloomberg)