5 ISPs tell the FCC a story of Net Neutrality Woe ...

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On Thursday, December 7th, five internet service providers alleged to Chairman Pai that the current legal framework for Open Internet rules had curtailed their investment and harmed their operations. While the presentations are rife with vague statements and outright errors, there is one thing notably absent from all of them: dollar signs, deployment data, and any other quantifiable metric demonstrating the supposed impact of Title II. None of the five providers that spoke with the Chairman last Thursday reported a single figure measuring the amount by which their investments or deployments had declined. One might have supposed they’d be eager to offer such data, especially to a Chairman who so often congratulates himself on his alleged fondness for rigorous cost-benefit analysis, and on his rumored demand for real economic proof. But the filings are silent on the subject. Perhaps this is because there is no quantifiable harm from Title II, only the anecdotes that these carriers provide when called upon by the Chairman.

5 ISPs tell the FCC a story of Net Neutrality Woe ... Ajit Pai offers no data for latest claim that net neutrality hurt small ISPs (Ars Technica)