Mike Snider

Federal court dismisses AT&T throttling case

A federal appeals court has dismissed a case brought by the Federal Trade Commission against AT&T for throttling, or slowing data speeds, on millions of customers with unlimited smartphone data plans.

Broadcasters buy time after Aereo defeat

In ruling against Aereo, the US Supreme Court may have just bought broadcasters more time.

Winners and losers in Aereo decision

[Commentary] Fans of streaming prime-time network TV live will have to wait a bit longer.

Consumers tighten embrace of Net and streaming content

We love our Internet in the US, to the tune of more than $113 billion in 2014. And we will spend more in the coming years.

Why AT&T wants DirecTV

[Commentary] Bundling is at the heart of AT&T's desire to acquire DirecTV's satellite service.

Pay TV subscriptions expected to rise through 2019

For the pay-TV industry, 2013 was a down year. But pay-TV providers can look forward to growth in the next five years.