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John Oliver may have helped spur 150,000 comments to FCC on network neutrality

Nearly 200,000 people have already commented on network neutrality to the Federal Communications Commission — many likely spurred on by HBO's John Oliver.

Did network neutrality keep broadband out of low-income neighborhoods?

A big reason current network neutrality rules need to get the boot, says Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, is that they're curbing broadband investment in low-income neighborhoods — cutting off important information and services

Study: Sharer of digital news outweighs news source

Your trust in news shared over social media may depend more on the person who shared the news than the news source itself, new research suggests.

6 changes the FCC has made in just six weeks

Here's some of what the Federal Communications Commission has done under President Donald Trump:

How Net Neutrality could get reversed (and what that means to you)

President Trump has called network neutrality a "top down power grab' by then-President Obama. And new Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai cast one of the two votes against the measure.

Is Trump giving CNN the cold shoulder?

Is the White House purposefully keeping its officials from appearing on CNN?

Concern about FCC's planned privacy rules vote

The Federal Communications Commission is expected Oct 27 to vote on new rules on how Internet service providers (ISPs) can use customer data.

Drama builds for vote on FCC set-top box rules

The Federal Communications Commission's proposed rules to let pay-TV subscribers free themselves from set-top boxes may be in jeopardy.

Comcast wireless service due 2017

Comcast plans to begin offering its own wireless service by the middle of 2017.

NYC: Verizon has not met FiOS coverage targets

New York City wants its broadband and is taking on Verizon for failing to deliver.