Mike Snider

Facebook inadvertently pulls, reinstates Trump Organization ads labeled as political

Facebook removed more than 100 ads paid for and posted by The Trump Organization after Facebook mistakenly classified them as political in nature and requiring payment disclosures. Advertisements for the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC

What wireless providers like Verizon, AT&T are doing to prepare for Hurricane Florence

As millions evacuate the mid-Atlantic coastal region ahead of Hurricane Florence, wireless providers are mounting an invasion of support crews and high-tech machinery to repair and restore connectivity in the storm's wake.

Smarter devices, faster smartphones will follow from FCC 5G spectrum auctions

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai announced that the FCC will vote in its Aug 2 meeting to conduct a Nov 2018 auction of spectrum in the 28 gigahertz band, with a subsequent 24 GHz band auction soon afterwards.  These so-called h

Facebook renews promise to lawmakers: we're ready for elections

Facebook is sending a signal to Capitol Hill that it's taking the integrity of its social network seriously during the US primary election season. One of the main messages aimed to be delivered to Capitol Hill: Facebook is taking serious steps to

News publishers protest Facebook's new political ad rules

Major news organizations raised objections to Facebook's plans to treat ads promoting political news coverage the same as political advocacy ads.

FCC should investigate Sinclair for distorting news, put merger on hold, senators say

A dozen Democratic senators are asking the Federal Communications Commission to investigate Sinclair Broadcasting Group for distorting the news. 

Sinclair defends itself over uproar after local news anchors read anti 'false news' screed

Sinclair Broadcast Group is defending itself against criticism for a recent on-air promotional message many of its local news anchors were asked to read that warned viewers about "false news" on competing media outlets.  Sinclair produced the spot

Net neutrality: Did the FCC just take the Internet back to 2014?

When the Federal Communications Commission ruled to scrap Obama-era rules meant to prevent anti-competitive behavior by Internet service providers, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said the action would simply return the Internet to 2014.

Net neutrality: Could anything stop the repeal of the Open Internet regulations?

Technically, Congress can take no action preventing the Federal Communications Commission from voting on Dec 14. Instead, it can only ask the agency to postpone or cancel the vote, and then try to pass a law governing Internet access.

NHMC warns Verizon of possible protest over Univision blackout

The National Hispanic Media Coalition is threatening to rally Latino leaders against Verizon for its removal of Univision from the Verizon Fios service.