Mike Dano

AT&T’s FiberTower deal raises questions about the value of 5G spectrum

[Commentary] A large and growing group of voices, including those from legislators, journalists, FiberTower shareholders and trade associations, argues that AT&T’s purchase of FiberTower’s millimeter wave licenses is a sweetheart deal that und

Ahead of FCC vote, wireless industry tallies ‘excessive’ small cell deployment fees

The Federal Communications Commission is scheduled later in March to vote on new rules designed to smooth the deployment of small cells for LTE and 5G, primarily by reducing fees local governments and other entities can levy against those buildout

Sprint CEO on net neutrality: There’s nothing wrong with charging for faster service

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said that he doesn’t see anything wrong with charging customers more money in order for them to obtain faster service.

What the Galaxy S9 says about U.S. operators’ network strategies

While much of the attention on Samsung’s latest device focuses on its features and functions—display, camera, speakers and that kind of thing—just as important to the nation’s network operators is what kind of network technology is in the S9.

No more penny pinching: Wireless carriers’ capital expenditure to surge in 2018

“Indications suggest 2018 is going to be a big year for telecom-related spending,” wrote the analysts at Wall Street Research firm Barclays.

Fixed wireless is a big deal. Here’s why

[Commentary]  Companies across the gamut are investing in new fixed wireless services. And government money aimed at bridging the digital divide could help fund further fixed wireless deployments.

AT&T to lose hundreds of 5G millimeter wave spectrum licenses as part of FCC/FiberTower settlement

The Federal Communications Commission announced a settlement with AT&T’s FiberTower that involves the company returning hundreds of millimeter wave spectrum licenses to the agency.

Targeting Verizon users, Sprint revives ‘free unlimited for a year’ promotion

Sprint renewed a promotion that offers a free year of unlimited service to customers who switch to the carrier and bring their own phone.

Verizon CTO: We won’t accelerate network investment due to new corporate tax rate

Verizon’s CTO said the company doesn’t plan to accelerate spending on its network due to new legislation that lowers corporate tax rates. “You probably don’t want to have big spikes in the capital allocation because then in the end it drives ineff

FirstNet and AT&T moving forward with IoT, smart city offerings

Following news that all of the nation’s states have opted in to FirstNet’s public-safety network, executives at FirstNet and AT&T are now moving forward with their network buildout plans.