John Eggerton

Legislators Seek USF Support For Broadband-Only Subscribers

Nearly 50 senators from both parties have called on the Federal Communications Commission to reform the Universal Service Fund so that it supports broadband-only service in rural areas.

Moonves Pitches FCC's Wheeler On Maintaining Retransmission Regime

On the eve of the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in Washington, CBS president and CEO Les Moonves stopped by the Federal Communications Commission to meet with Chairman Tom Wheeler about a variety of issues, including why the FCC s

Supremes To Weigh In On Cell Tower Citing Issue

In a decision that could help ease the way for telecom operators to site their towers and boost broadband service, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal of a case (T-Mobile South v.

Republicans To FCC’s Wheeler: Don't Limit Auction Bidders

Every Republican member of the House Communications Subcommittee has asked Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler to rethink his plans to put some limits on the broadcast incentive auctions.

Advertisers to White House: Stick To Self-Regulation

Ad agencies have at least one bone to pick with the White House over the Administration's Big Data report.

CTIA's Carpenter: We Need More Spectrum

Jot Carpenter, VP, government affairs, CTIA: The Wireless Association, told C-SPAN that the AWS-3 and broadcast incentive auctions will be helpful, but probably not sufficient to meet burgeoning demand for wireless spectrum.

Complaints Filed Against Stations For Political File Nondisclosures

The Sunlight Foundation and Campaign Legal Center filed complaints against 11 broadcast TV stations for allegedly failing to post the requisite information about political advertising sponsors in their online political files.

Broadcasters Seek Consumer Group Help In Retransmission Fight

Broadcasters are hoping to enlist consumer groups in battling cable operators over what broadcaster group is calling abusive pay TV practices.

Powell: ‘Cable’ Doesn’t Quite Cut It

A Q&A with National Cable & Telecommunications Association President and CEO Michael Powell. He has said that the phrase “cable” in NCTA does not convey the “breadth of who we are and what we do.”

Comcast/TWC Critics Unappeased By Charter Swap

“We’ve known from the day that the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal was announced that Comcast intended to divest some subscribers, so this doesn’t change anything,” said Sen Al Franken (D-MN).