John Eggerton

Chairman Wheeler Quibbles With Stations’ Share Tactics

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler is on a mission to crack down on TV station sharing arrangements, particularly ones that look like efforts to skirt the rules.

FTC: COPPA Does Not Preempt State Teen Online Protections

The Federal Trade Commission has told the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth District that the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) does not preempt state privacy protections for teenagers' online information.

Sinclair Proposes To Modify Allbritton Deal to Secure FCC Approval

Sinclair says it will restructure its Allbritton deal to make it more palatable to the Federal Communications Commission, which is looking closely at sharing agreements coupled with financial arrangements such as purchase options.

Commerce DMCA Meeting Looks to Tackle Standardized Takedowns First

The Obama Administration launched its latest multistakeholder process on standards and best practices for improving the notice and takedown system for infringing Internet content.

SEC Filings Map Out Inner Workings Of Comcast/TWC Deal

Comcast and Time Warner Cable initially broached the subject of a possible merger almost a year ago, before deciding to pull the trigger on a deal in February, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Cable Operators, Others Say 'We Can' To ICANN Transition Process

Cable operators and other media company stakeholders in the Internet Governance Coalition say they welcome the National Telecommunications & Information Administration's announcement that it will work on transitioning US oversight functions ov

NCTA To Senate: STELA Can Be Used For Retransmission, Video Market Changes

The National Cable and Telecommunications Association told the Senate that the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act (STELA) is an appropriate venue for retransmission changes as well as "discrete" video reforms, but that those should no

Broadcasters: FCC Interference Methodology Proposal is 'Legally Unsustainable'

The "clearly erroneous inputs and technically unsound assumptions" in the Federal Communications Commission's band plan proposals on repacking and interference methodologies must be abandoned or risk a failed incentive auction.

NAB Says DOJ JSA Comments Are Based on False and Dated Assumptions

The National Association of Broadcasters has taken aim at the Department of Justice comments supporting a Federal Communications Commission proposal to make some TV joint sales agreements attributable as ownership interests, as the FCC does in rad

Dish, DirecTV: STELA Should Be Video Reform Vehicle

In response to a request for input from the Senate Commerce Committee on the reauthorization of the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act (STELA), Dish and DirecTV filed a joint response with a laundry list of suggestions including perma