John Eggerton

Net Neutrality Oral Argument Shaping up As Epic Battle

The Feb. 1 oral argument in the legal challenge to the Federal Communications Commission's Restoring Internet Freedom order (the case is Mozilla Corp. V.

FCC Holds Brief Open Meeting

The Federal Communications Commission held its very brief January Open Meeting, but only to thank returning staffers and give a warm welcome its newest member, Commissioner Geoffrey Starks.

Senators Seek Answers on Shutdown Impact on Cybersecurity

Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) fired off a letter to the Department of Homeland Security seeking to "better understand the shutdown’s toll on our national security," and sought answers on what, if any, cybersecurity

House Communications Subcommittee Ranking Member Latta Makes Pitch for Regulatory, Legislative Humility

At the State of the Net conference, House Communications Subcommittee Ranking Member Bob Latta (R-OH) said that regulators and legislators need to make sure they are not looking in the rearview mirror or putting up roadblocks to innovators who are

DOJ To Look at Impact of Online Advertising on Local TV Ads

Department of Justice antitrust chief Makan Delrahim says that the DOJ will be holding a two-day workshop on the impact of online advertising on the local broadcast TV market, and whether it should adjust its merger reviews given the argument that

House Communications Subcommittee Chairman Doyle: Net Neutrality Will Be First Subcommittee Hearing

New House Communications Subcommittee Chairman Mike Doyle (D-PA) said that network neutrality will be the subject of the first subcommittee hearing under his chairmanship.

US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit Outlines Net Neutrality Argument Logistics

The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit has released a detailed guide to its network neutrality oral argument scheduled for 9:30am on Feb 1. The Court live streams audio of all oral arguments, except when classified or sealed matters must be di

New House Judiciary Subcommittee Chair Johnson (D-GA) Eyes Net Neutrality Action

Look for the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet to be active on the network neutrality front now that it is in Democratic hands, according to Subcommittee Chairman Hank Johnson (D-GA).

NCTA: Government Spectrum Strategy Should be Balanced

In comments to the National Telecommunications & Information Administration, NCTA-The Internet & Television Association said the Trump Administration's National Spectrum Strategy should recognize that Wi-Fi is the primary delivery mechanis

Reps Cárdenas, Kinzinger Ask FCC to Protect C-Band Incumbents

Reps Tony Cárdenas (D-CA) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) have called on the Federal Communications Commission to protect incumbents in the C-Band.