John Eggerton

House passes Secure 5G Act, which mandates Trump Administration 5G strategy

The House has passed the Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020 (S 893). The legislation passed on unanimous consent, which is a way to pass noncontroversial bills, but only if there are no "no" votes. The bill directs the President to develop a "Secure

FCC Commissioners Carr, O'Rielly Raise Big Tech Red Flags at CPAC

Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr, addressing allegations of conservative bias on online platforms, said he did not think the answer was "to do nothing." He cited what he said was a leaked document from Twitter "that it would soon b

Net Neutrality Docket is Now FCC's Busiest

The Federal Communications Commission's request for comment on its net neutrality deregulation has become the busiest docket at the commission, drawing over three thousand comments in the past 30 days. According to a thumbnail survey, the comments

President Trump State of the Union Touches on Tech Issues

President Donald Trump's Feb 4 State of the Union speech gave only a few lines to tech and broadband issues, though he did talk more about the trade deals that tech companies have applauded.

NCTA Warns Against Telecommunication Equipment Rip-And-Replace Efforts

NCTA-The Internet & Television Association said the Federal Communications Commission should not expand its ban of suspect tech identified as a threat to network security beyond participants in the FCC's Universal Service Fund broadband subsid

Campaign Reformers Push Back on NAB Political Ad Ask

Campaign reform groups are telling the Federal Communications Commission to reject broadcasters' petition to 'clarify' the FCC's disclosure requirements for third-party political ads and follow the National Association of Broadcasters' "rationally

Broadband Associations Collectively Call For Changes in Rural Digital Opportunity Fund

The major broadband associations have gotten to together to urge the Federal Communications Commission to make changes to the proposed Rural Digital Opportunity Fund.

Broadband Associations Collectively Call For Rural Broadband Fund Change

The major broadband associations have gotten to together to add heft to the bone they have to pick with the Federal Communications Commission over the way it has structured its new Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) subsidy process, one they wa

Senate Commerce Committee Hearing on 'Industries of the Future' Talks C-Band, 5G

The Senate Commerce Committee's first hearing of 2020, "Industries of the Future" dealt with the federal government's role in advancing new technologies.

ITTA—The Voice of America's Broadband Providers Will Shut Down Jan 31

ITTA-The Voice of America's Broadband Providers "will be shutting its doors effective January 31, 2020 after over a one-quarter century representing wireline communications service providers in Washington." ITTA cited "financial constraints in the