FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Clyburn at the 5th Annual Telehealth Summit of South Carolina

Previously I have asked, what additional steps can the Federal Communications Commission take to maximize the benefits and opportunities, of the agency’s Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF).

Statement of Commissioner Mignon Clyburn on the Continuation of the Connect2Health Task Force

Over the past three years, the Connect2HealthFCC Task Force has been on the cutting edge of examining the intersection of broadband, advanced technology and health.

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn, 2017 WTA – Advocates for Rural Broadband Spring Meeeting

I would like to address three broad topics today: our progress towards 5G, continued universal service reform, the media landscape, and close with a look at this new era at the Federal Communications Commission and my role in it.

FCC Commissioners React to Stay from Data Security Regulation from Broadband Privacy Order

Commissioner Clyburn: On the very same day a major content distribution network revealed that the private data of millions of users from thousands of websites had been exposed for several months, the FCC announced its intention to

Joint FCC-FTC Commissioner Statement on Suspension of Broadband Privacy Protections

“Today Chairman Pai has created an unfortunate dilemma: accept a Bureau-level action that indefinitely unwinds key consumer privacy protections established by the FCC last year, or accept four business days (rather than the usual three weeks) to e

My Personal Story in Search of #PhoneJustice

It is 9:10 am on Monday, February 6, 2017, and I am sitting in the courtroom without my cellphones.

Statement of FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn on Inmate Calling Services Oral Argument in D.C. Circuit

Today we took yet another step towards #PhoneJustice on behalf of the millions burdened by the egregious costs of communicating with a loved one who is currently incarcerated.

Statement of Commissioner Mignon Clyburn On Today's Friday News Dump

Today is apparently ‘take out the trash day.’

Statement of Commissioner Clyburn on Reversing Lifeline Designations

Today, the agency reverses course on providing more competition and consumer choice for Lifeline customers. Rather than working to close the digital divide, this action widens the gap.

Remarks of Commissioner Clyburn at NAB Capital Assets Conference

Now I am as tired of highlighting this factoid as you must be of hearing it: racial and/or ethnic minorities only hold a majority of the voting interests in approximately six percent of fullpower commercial TV licenses and just over eight percent